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Three programs about women for everybody

Presented by Nancy Schimmel

Uppity Women in Folktales
the ones who don't wait for a prince to rescue them

On My Way Running
traditional stories of girls and women using physical skills, strength & endurance

The Women's West
songs and stories of Western history and legend, emphasizing women & minorities

Not all traditional tales show women in a passive role. Nancy Schimmel's entertaining, thought-provoking talks show the other side of the traditional woman, using stories of venturesome, competent females who are not content to wait around for a hero to rescue them.

This nationally known storyteller has presented "Uppity Women in Folktales" in coffee houses, women's conferences, folk festivals, college classrooms and auditoriums, schools, libraries, rest homes--varying the programs for different ages from junior high up.

Ms. Schimmel also does non-sexist programs of stories and songs for children, and workshops on presenting women's images in song and story for teachers, librarians, and others who work with groups.

“Your presentation illustrates the very best, most positive aspects of the women's movement today, for it refuses to dwell on women as victims of gender, preferring instead to stress the strengths we possess.”
Nancy E. Loe
Project Director
(Radcliffe-NEH project)
Colorado Springs

“ Nancy Schimmel performs with humor, verve and warmth. Her storytelling is rich with the texture and drama of real women's lives. A treat! ”
Valerie Miner
author of Blood Sisters

“Schimmel's...naturalistic folk characterizations weave the magic that transports even the cynical listener into the time and spirit of the story. These stories, both traditional and original, tell of strong, lusty, adventurous women, excellent models for searching feminists. The humor, the rich characterization, and the surprise endings add to the entertainment...Each of the dozen stories told in an evening is fast paced, pointed, and a delight to hear...The story seems not memorized at all, but as familiar as the anecdotes we all tell about our daily lives, our memories, our dreams. ”

Selected presentations:
Upward: A Seminar for Working Women, Louisville

The Women's West, Park City, Utah

National Festival of Women's Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA

National Women's Studies Associaton Conference, Eureka, CA

Foothill High School Women's History Week, Pleasanton, CA

Drowsy Maggie's Folk Cafe, San Diego

Unitarian Church, Houston

Women & Children First Bookstore, Chicago