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That's Not Fair
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Nancy Schimmel

When I think I'm gonna get left out
I say “I need a turn!”
Speaking up for my own self
Is something that I learn

Cause we're all part of the party
We're all part of the school,
We all get a slice of the apple,
That's the rule.

When I think you're gonna be left out
I say “Come take a turn.”
Speaking up for other kids
Is something that I learn

(Bridge) Speaking up for my own self.
Speaking up for you.
Speaking up takes courage,
But you can do it,
I can do it.
I feel proud when I do!

When the kid who's standing all alone
Is someone I don't know
I can say “Would you like to play?”
And they can say “yes” or “no”

Vocals and Guitar: Bonnie Lockhart
© 1999 by Nancy Schimmel