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  RING AROUND THE TREE (singing game)

There's a cedar in the park where we go to play,
We thought our tree would never go away.

Ring around the tree,
Ring around the tree,
All together for the cedar tree.

We always ate our lunch in the shade of the tree,
Underneath the branches was our place to be.

Our teacher named his/her dog for our friend in the park,
Cedar the dog has a different kind of bark.

A mom/dad told the teacher oh! oh! oh!
The city says our cedar has to go.

A mom/dad told the teacher, the teacher told us,
We started in to yell and we started in to fuss:

The teacher told us and we asked why?
Why does our cedar tree have to die?

The roots break the pavement and people might trip.
We started thinking, zip, zip, zip.

We thought and we thought and finally
We said “Move the pavement farther from the tree!”

Who shall we write to? Who shall we call?
Who can say our tree doesn't have to fall?

Where is the mayor? Here is she/he.
Come to the park and save our tree!

So the kids and moms and dads and the teachers in a ring,
We all saved the tree and now we sing:

Vocals: Nancy Schimmel, Guitar: Bonnie Lockhart
©1999 Nancy Schimmel

Verse 1
Kids in a ring, “tree” in the center

Circle hold hands and move to right

Verse 2
Circle move in to tree
move out again

Verse 3
tree choose teacher, bring into ring
teacher choose dog, bring into ring

Verse 4
dog choose parent

Verse 5 and 6
teacher mime telling circle
circle sing chorus loud

Verse 7
circle trip and fall
get up

Verse 8
mime thinking
mime moving pavement

Verse 9
kids in circle turn to each other, mime asking

Verse 10
parent choose mayor

Verse 11
all go back to the ring except tree and dog, dog will become tree for next round