Sunflower Project

Solar Ovens

Roast your seeds in a solar oven made out of a pizza box


To the tune of "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds

Little boxes in the back yard
With Elmer's glue to make them sticky-tacky
Then you line them all smoothly with aluminum foil,
With a window in the top made of
Glass or a turkey-roasting bag,
You can cook without gas or electricity or oil.

And the cardboard that you cut out
To make the window opening
You can bend up to reflect in more rays from the sun
When the rays hit the black cooking pot
They turn into heat energy
Slowly cooking, never burning till your dinner is done.

Little boxes, little solar cookers
Keep your house cool in the summertime
So your fan or air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard
And your dinner cooks but you don't
All courtesy of solar energy
And we won't warm the whole globe, just the boxes in the yard.

Nancy Schimmel