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Hushabyes for Young and Old
SCR 469-2

Gentle yet engaging, this music is guaranteed to relax everybody from babies to CEOs. Old favorites from Brahms to Malvina Reynolds, new pieces by Candy Forest, Nancy Schimmel and Linda Hirschhorn are played on acoustic instruments (Candy at the piano and Emil Miland playing cello) and sung by family: Candy and her brother, Ben Mordush, with a cameo appearance by The Singing Rainbow Youth Ensemble.

The music is selected for its quieting quality and arranged to encourage deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

Speeney, Spawney, Go to the Moon * Brahm's Lullaby
Rachel's Dream * Come by the Hills
Giraffes * A Winter's Song * Talia's Lullaby
Turn Around * Liebesleid * Lie Down

Also available on Cassette.
SCR 469-4

“...a soulful, eclectic collection of songs...an eloquent pleasure for all ages...”
--Los Angeles Times

“...parents can respond in unison: hallelujah.”
--Cleveland Plain Dealer