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Rap lyrics 1995 by Nancy Schimmel

This audio requires a RealPlayer plugin which is available here.

The earthworms dance with a wiggle and a bend
The soil goes in the front and comes out the other end
Comes out the other end and it's better for the trip
Do the earthworm dance with a sli-i-ide slip slip.*

CHORUS: It's the earthworm dance, wiggle wiggle wiggle
It's the earthworm dance, get down.
The earthworms dance with a slip slide slide
They tunnel through the soil and let the air inside
And that's good for the roots, good for the shoots
And good for the people who eat the fruits.
A worm looks simple, just head and tail
But if it weren't for the worms every farm would fail
So here's to the earthworms all in a coil
Their dance is deep, their dance is deep, their dance is deep and they elevate the soil.*
The earthworms dance with a glide and a curve
The worms never get the credit they deserve
When we really should be on the best of terms
So come on, everybody, c'mon, c'mon, lets dance for the worms!*
*These lines have extra measures in them. This is what keeps raps from sounding square and sing-song. On the chorus, show the audience how to wiggle with arms at sides and index fingers pointing down. On the “get down” warn kids that they don't get all the way down to the floor, just gesture toward the floor with index fingers and dip the knees.

Linda Glaser has a book on earthworms for pre-schoolers: Wonderful Worms; pictures by Loretta Krupinski (Millbrook Press, c1992)

For primary grades, there's Dirt by Steve Tomecek, illustrated by Nancy Woodman, from the National Geographic Society, 2002 (Jump into science series).
A friendly star-nosed mole guides the reader through this brief exploration of how soil is formed, its layers, and its importance as a natural resource that living things need to survive. Big role for earthworms.