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15 Ecology Songs for the Whole Family

SCR 467(Cassette)

Songs by Nancy Schimmel:
Must Be Johnny Appleseed * My Sister's a Whale in the Sea
Who's Gonna Save the Ark * My Very Tall Friend
Home in the Sky * Fix My Dog

Songs by Candy Forest and Nancy Schimmel:
Fancy Face Waltz * All in This Together * Best Friend
Just Like We Do * Eating Up the Forest

By Candy Forest: Head First and Belly Down

Plus: Lambeth Children by Malvina Reynolds,
I'm a Reptile by Jill Jarboe, The Clouds, by Cynthia Grey,
and Beulah the Beast by Jack Miffleton

“Forest and Schimmel are intelligent, forthright writers who wrap their viewpoints in catchy folk and pop melodies”
--Parents' Choice Gold Award Review

“Thoughtful, funny and on target.”
--Pete Seeger

“Librarians and parents will welcome this...the children's singing is professional and charming.”
--Virginia Walter, PhD, UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science

All in This Together Activity Book