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. Good for You from I'm All Ears
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StarFish Music
SF-001-4 (Cassette)

*1. I'm All Ears - (introduction)
+2. Name Game - (rhyme recognition)
*3. Good For You - (rhyme completion)
*4. I'm Playing with a Monster- (rhyme production)
5. Hey Caterpillar - (syllabication)
*6. Dracula Came to Our School
+7. There's a Starfish Hidden Under my Bed - (syllable deletion)
8. Take a Word Apart
*9. Muffin Mix - Alliteration
10. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
11. Listen, Listen
12. Two Tired Toddlers
13. Lily Loves Listening to Lullabyes
14. One Wet Windy Wednesday
*15. Bring Back the Bat
*16. Down by the Track - (complete phoneme segmentation)
*17. I Lost a Sound -( phoneme deletion)
18. Drop it!
19. Pineapple - (phoneme substitution)
20. Fiddle Around with the Middle Sound - (phoneme substitution)
21. Topsy Turvy - (phoneme manipulation)
*22. On Your Lap - (phoneme addition, blending)
23. Blow a Bubble

*Lyrics © Nancy Schimmel
all other lyrics & all music © Fran Avni
+ also part of LinguiSystems "The Sounds Abound Program" video

These songs were written especially to increase children's awareness of the sounds in words (phonemic awareness) They were inspired by and based upon the work of Dr. Orna Lenchner, reading specialist, author, educator, and creator of the innovative The Sounds Abound program (LinguiSystems), video and games.

Singer-songwriter arranger-producer Fran Avni has been creating original songs for children for over two decades. Fran's songs are part of numerous language arts curricula including ongoing CBC Sesame Street repertoire. She most recently composed songs promoting early literacy for the National Film Board of Canada's1998 CD-ROM project “HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY UMBRELLA?”.

For information about Fran's other recordings, and bookings for school concerts, workshops and artist-in-residencies, contact Fran at FAVNI@aol.com

“Behind these wonderful, singable songs is an incredible understanding of what kids need to know about the sounds in words and the underpinnings of reading.” --Margie Golick, Ph.D, educational psychologist, children's television consultant, auhor of Playing with Words and Wacky Word Games

“Children are good listeners when there's something worth listening to. Fran and Nancy's playful, skill-full, fun-filled songs invite children to listen, move, sing, play, rhyme, reason and LEARN ...learn in the BEST ways.” --Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld, author of Creative Experiences for Young Children, Teaching Language Arts Creatively, Teaching in the Key of Life